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Accounts - Journals

Accounts - Journals

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Accounts - Journals

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You can use Journal Entries to transfer amounts between different accounts and to fix certain mistakes.


There are two types of Journal

Balance Accounts – eg: From the Current to the Deposit account

Expense Accounts – eg: From Sundries to Cleaning


To create a Journal Entry

Select Accounts from the top menu, then Journals from the left menu

Confirm the which type of Journal (see above)

Select the ‘From Nominal’ (will reduce the amount)

Select the ‘To Nominal’ (will increase the amount)

Give it a Reference to remind you what it is about and confirm the date

Select Ok from the left menu


Examples of Journal entries

Sales payment accidently marked Cash instead of Card - Create a Journal from: In-Hand-Cash to: In-Hand-Card

Amount owed on Sales Invoice used to pay amount owing on a Purchase - Use the Sales / Supplier Account payment method (See Payment Methods)

Purchase paid from the cash drawer - Create a Money Paid Out entry from Sales / Options (This will automatically create a contra from In-Hand Cash to Petty Cash), Then pay the Purchase from the Petty Cash



Give plenty of information to remind you what was done