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Multiple Databases

Multiple Databases

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Multiple Databases

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With Evopos you can set up additional databases.

Evopos is licensed per computer so you can have any number of databases for different companies or for Training etc.

You can have additional databases for.

A Training or test database where you can enter transactions without it affecting your live data.

Historic databases for taking a snapshot of your data at a particular time (For example some users like to create a database for the end of a year so they can see their exact closing balances etc).

Additional companies (or you could use different Divisions).

Testing that your backups are working correctly by restoring.

You would normally setup additional databases on the main server so it is easy for everyone to access them. You could also set up a test database on a different computer, for example you may want to put it on a computer at home for testing backups and giving access to non-live data, especially when there is no internet access to the live database.

Warning – When restoring a backup into a database make sure you inadvertently over-write your live database

Procedure to create a new database

Have a Backup file of the data you want to use on the main computer (You can create Backups in Evopos > Settings > Backup, or in Data Admin). There is a backup of empty data in the Shared Folder

Start Evopos on the main computer (Make sure you have Data Admin 2.05 Build 095 or later)

Select Settings and on the System > General tab select the Change Database button. Evopos will then close

Restart Evopos and the Database connection screen should be shown

Edit the Database Name to the new database name you want to create. Confirm the other connection details and select New Database, and select the Backup file with the data you wish to start with to restore

You may also be prompted to enter licence details

It is often useful to have different colours for different databases so you can instantly see which one you are in. To change the Colour scheme select Settings and on the System > General tab set the Colour scheme.

Connect to different databases

Start the Evopos main program

Press Alt+F1 to bring up the change Database menu

If the database is not there select ‘New’ and confirm the connection details. The server should be the Computer Name or IP Address of the computer where the database is (if on the current computer you can use (Local)). The instance is normally: evopos or bbs. The database name is the one you created above (eg: Training). The user name is normally: evopos or sa. The pass-code is normally: bbs1955.

If the database is there just select it

If one of your databases requires a Data Update

Sometimes when updating to newer versions we have data updates to add new tables and fields to the database. If one of your databases needs updating there are two options:

1.You can go into Settings and select the ‘Change Database’ button to temporally change the default database to that one, then re-start Evopos and it will convert the database, then reset the default database back to the live database

2.If it is not an Historic database you could update it by Restoring the latest (updated) data backup (see first option above). If it was a training database it would normally be advantageous having the latest data.