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Candy Press - Site Setup

Candy Press - Site Setup

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Candy Press - Site Setup

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Candy Press stores needs to be hosted on a server that can support:

Microsoft SQL 2005 or 2008 database

ASP Scripts

You will also need Connection details and high level pass-codes to the Hosting server and the SQL database server.

Initial Setting Up a Candy Press site

Once the Hosting has been setup with the files and database the Candypress store can be setup and maintained by the Candy Press Admin utility at: http://yourdomain.com/admin/

Run the candy press Installer and configure the store

a.        Navigate to http://<your domain>/installer/000_Welcome.asp

b.        Run through the Installer and initial site configuration – this will also enable you to setup the mail server settings (if you have outbound mail settings configured on your server you can use “localhost” and then no authentication is required and you can use any e-mail you wish)

c.        Run the “Utilities >> Convert To SQL Database – put in the new DB connection information use the (localhost\sqlexpress is the server name)  (sa login (u: sa p: admin123) to create data) an then your done, this creates all the new tables with the store configuration and updates store config.

•        Navigate to http://<yourdomain>/installer/000_welcome.asp

•        Default  username/password = admin/admin

•        Accept license agreement

•        Run the Checklist if all is well then run through store configuration

o        Default  Currency Code

o        Currency Used Internally

o        Default Currency Sign for your store (£ or $)

o        Display Customer Language Selection Box = “No”

o        Display Customer Currency Selection Box = “No”

o        Select Product Layout List = “4 Columns”

o        Select Category List Layout = “Single Level (Drill Down)

o        Select Product Details Layout = “Professional”

•        Set image resize to preferred settings (Normally 200x125 for list images)

•        Manually FTP logo into: /usermods/img/ and rename to logo.gif (Size no bigger than 400px wide). Alternatively if you want to use a different name of format edit ../usermods/_INCtemplate_.asp and change the image in the line: <a href="<%=urlNonSSL%>default.asp" id="logo"><img src="../usermods/img/logo.gif" border="0" alt="logo" /></a>

•        Complete “Updating Configuration”

•        Log into the “admin”  panel on the new domain Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. user: admin p:admin

•        Select “Utilities >> Convert to SQL Database” from Candy Press Admin Panel

•        MSSQL Server = “localhost”

•        Database Name = As Above (eg: 111222_ABCMotors)

•        Username = As Above (eg: CPTrial)

•        Password = As Above (%%222111%%)

•        Check “Move Data”

•        Click “Transfer” and Wait (Can take some time)

•        Use Evopos web link to Reset data and the Update data

Alternative Method - (If the Hosting does not support Access databases)

•        Ensure the database connection details are in the config

•        Change site links under URLS & folders

•        Set up company information

•        Setup Email details (Gmail)

o        In Admin panel go to: Store Configuration -> Email Settings

Change Mail Component to CDOSYS, use SMTP.GMAIL.COM as your mail server address. Fill in the rest of the requires information, remember that your login name for the server is your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS (like yourdomain@gmail.com).

Do NOT touch the port, as you have already done this in the first step.

o        On the server, in the Scripts folder, edit: up _INCappEmail_.asp

Around line 210, you will see CDOSYS. Look for THIS line: conf.Fields.Item(cdoSMTPServerPort) = pEmailPort and ADD THIS line directly underneath: conf.Fields.Item(cdoSMTPUseSSL) = True

o        Test sending email from the store, either through the System Tests and Repair tools, or using a contact form.



Setting the Top Image (Logo_

We will normally do this for you if we set up your hosting. The default site uses an image file called ‘Logo.gif’, you can save your image (max 450px wide) as this and FTP to ..\usermods\img\logo.gif

Making changes to the site using CP Admin area

CP has a comprehensive Admin / Content Management area. To go to your Admin area, enter www.yourdomain.com/admin in your browser (replace yourdomain.com with whatever your site domain name is) and confirm your username and pass-code.

We normally remove the quick ‘Buy’ option on products list (You cannot see the full details, sale details or change Qty easily with this option set). To remove it select ‘Store Configuration’ and under ‘Product List Layout Options’ section set ‘Always hide Add button on Products List page’ to ‘Yes’.

To make the Categories easier to navigate select ‘Store Configuration’ and under ‘Category Layout’ select ‘Single Level – Drill Down’.

Other Pages - You can have any number of information pages. By default there is ‘About Us’. You can add or change text and pictures by selecting ‘Site Content’ > ‘Custom Pages’.

Other settings - There are many other settings to configure your store, most of these we set to the most common options for you when we setup your site for you.

Making custom changes to Candypress code

You can make changes to the Candypress code however this can compromise the whole website, make sure you are completely aware of what you are changing if you have to do so.

Candypress is CSS based so it is easy to change the style and behaviour of different elements on the Candypress site. You will need to know some basic CSS to perform these changes.