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Candy Press Web Store

Candy Press Web Store

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Candy Press Web Store

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Candy Press (CP) is a low cost ‘off the shelf’ e-commerce website.  It has the basic retail features, a content management system and a number of themes available.  CP is not part of EVOPOS, we just support a range of 3rd party web stores as a service to our Evopos users.

You can automatically upload Evopos stock items from Evopos (with the Web-Store option ticked) to the Web store.  The navigation to the products in the Web Store is controlled by how the Groups and Categories in Evopos are set up.

Orders placed on the ‘Web Store’ can be downloaded into Sales Orders from Sales / Recall / Sales Orders, or automatically by schedule.

Some key features of CP include:

Integrates seamlessly with Evopos

Good Content Management utility for updating non product pages

Smart arrangement of Evopos Groups and Categories

Home page items, Specials, Clearance set in Evopos

Multiple payment options including: Paypal, EWay, Manual payments

User Reviews and Customer Favorites

Sale pricing (showing original, amount and percentage saved)

Wholesale pricing (single level)

Affiliates options (Sales reps etc can select customers and place orders)

Minimum Quantities to purchase

Bread-crumb navigation aid

Order Tracking and Email notifications

See also: General - Setup Items and General - Upload & Download

Hosting the site

The CP Web-Store needs to be hosted on a server that can support a Microsoft SQL database and ASP Script.  Customer Services at Evopos can setup your hosting for you, or you can do yourself or use a local web developer.

Preparing the data in Evopos:

The default price the site uses by default is the PriceA field under the ‘General’ tab (You can set the name for this field in Settings. You can also change the price automatically in Items > Stock > Maintenance > Change price by formula). If PriceA is lower than the standard Sell price then it will show the higher price crossed out and the amount and % they have saved.

You can also set a Wholesale price in the PriceB field under the ‘General’ tab. You can set a customer as a Wholesale customer in the CP Admin area.

If you want the item to appear in the ‘Specials’ section you should have the ‘Special’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

If you want the item to appear in the ‘Clearance’ section you should have the ‘Clearance’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

If you want the item to appear on the ‘Home’ page you should add an Attribute of ‘*HOME*’ to that item (To set Attributes select: Items > Stock and set under the ‘Actions’ tab)

If you want to set a Minimum Qty to buy of an item set ‘Pack’ in Items > Stock under the ‘General’ tab

Populating and Updating Stock and Categories from Evopos

In Evopos select: Settings > Websites and ensure the CP store is selected

Select ‘Reset Data’ to delete all Products and Categories already in the site and re-populate the Categories and Items from scratch. This could take a long time. Reviews etc will be lost.

Select ‘Update Data’ to update products and Categories that have changed since the last time the site was updated.

Picking up web orders in Evopos

In Evopos select: Sales > Recall > Sales Orders and select the ‘Get Web Orders’ option on the left menu (Or you can add to scheduler in Settings > Workstation > Scheduler).

Evopos will download orders that have a status of ‘Pending’ and then change the status to 'Saved'.

You will need to create two part numbers to handle postage (DELIVERYWEB) and fees (FEE).