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Capricorn Purchases

Capricorn Purchases

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Capricorn Purchases

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Purchases are when you buy off Capricorn approved suppliers. The work flow for Purchases is as follows:


Each Capricorn supplier would have the Capricorn Number entered in  the Purchase Account field of their contact record

The Purchase order can be created (manually or automatically from a purchase order) using the Supplier details

When the Purchase Order has been received a Purchase Transaction can be created (manually or automatically) still under the Supplier name

The Purchase Transaction can be immediately paid using a Capricorn Balance Account

A list of Purchase Transaction that have not been settled (Un-Reconciled in Reconciliation) can be produced at any time

When a Payment is made to Capricorn it is entered as a Journal from the Bank Account to the Capricorn Balance Account

You can then Reconcile the Payment against Purchase Transactions in the Reconcile Screen


From Evopos 2.07 the system will automatically enter the Capricorn Number (as set in Suppliers Contact record on the Purchase tab in the Account No field) into the Payment Reference field, if the Payment Nominal Name has ‘Capricorn’ in it.