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Capricorn Sales

Capricorn Sales

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Capricorn Sales

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Sales can be made by 'Capricorn' approved suppliers to their various 'Capricorn' customers. The supply of goods goes directly to the Customer, but we set up Evopos so that Invoice automatically sets the Delivery address to the Customer but the Bill address to Capricorn.

There are two main areas for this:

Ensure the local customers that are supplied are setup with and 'Auto Inv To' option in their contact record - See Automated Bill to different contact  

Create a Sales Export file (normally each month) with the details of all supplies


To create the Sales Export File

Ensure all the Contacts that this applies to have a unique single digit character (eg: C) set in the Area field of their contact records.

Select Accounts / Maintenance / Export Cap. Ensure you have set your Account Number with Capricorn in Branch and select the Area code used above.

The file columns will be:

A - Name (Contact Name from Evopos)

B - CustNo (CustNo from Evopos)

C - DocumentNo (InvoiceNo+Branchcode)

D - TransType (Inv or Credit)

E - TransDate (Invoice Date in format of: 05-MAR-2014)

F - TransValueExcl (Invoice amount excluding Tax)


The default file location will be:



You would then email this file to Capricorn each month