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Check / Fix Data

Check / Fix Data

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Check / Fix Data

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This option is designed to check for any problems in the Evopos Sales and Purchase Data that could cause information to be displayed incorrectly and if possible fix them.

These problems could be caused by a number of scenarios including:

A payment date before the transaction date (Should not now be possible)

A computer failing in the middle of a multi-stage transaction and not updating all tables

A Transaction or Payment record being edited or deleted incorrectly

Previous issues importing sales history from Business Manager

Bugs or Changes in the software (normally in early versions)


The Check / Fix Data procedure performs the following functions that fixes (changes) the data:

Update Sales Transactions Lines with no Header ID with a Header ID (Used to link only by Transaction No)

Ensure all Sales Payments for Trade-Ins are marked as Banked

Fixing the result of an old bug where Sales Payments could have a Nominal of: 01-08-?? instead of 01-09-04

Ensure Sales Journals have a Sales Type 'JOURNAL' rather than the older 'CONTRA' previously used

Sales Temp Credits - Date correction set PaidDate and CreatedDate to ModifiedDate and SalesSubType =TEMP-CREDIT if Sales InvNo<>0 and SalesType=TEMP-CREDIT and SalesSubType <>TEMP-CREDIT.

Ensure all Sales Transactions have an associated Payment record (Payment records created will have a Payment Method of Sale Contra (In-Hand-Contra) and Payment dates the same as the Invoice Date). If this is in the current year you may wish to Journal the Banked amounts from the Sales Contra to the Bank, if any of the amounts are still on Account then create a negative pre-payment on the Sales Contra account. (Note: Old importing of Business Manager sales did not create these sales payments)

Change Sales Payment date to Invoice date if the dates are different and Paid=True and (Is Account=False or Nominal=01-09-04)

Checks for duplicated Sales Payment records for the one Sale and deletes the other payment records if the first payment record amount is correct

Setting Purchases Statement Date to the same as Paid date if not set (Null)

Ensure Purchase Journals have a Sales Type 'JOURNAL' rather than the older 'CONTRA' previously used

Purchase Payments - Updating Payment Nominal to  01-08-99 if incorrectly set to: 01-09-??

Used Units - Cost price updated to Purchase Trans amount if different

Used Units - Sold price updated to Sales Trans amount if different


It also details suspected issues in the following areas that it cannot fix automatically

Sales Transactions dated later than the current date

Sales Transaction Header with No Sales Lines Records

Sales Transactions where the Total and Tax on the Header is different to the sum of the Lines

Sales Transactions where the Payment amount is different to Transaction amount and the PaymentSummary Contains the text 'TRADE'

Same as above but there is no text of 'TRADE'

Sales Transactions where the Payment Discount amount is different to Transaction Discount amount

Purchase Payments where the PaymentType='BANK' (Bankings) and the associated Banked Sales Payments have a different total

Used Units - No Purchase Trans for Sold Consignment

Used Units - No Purchase Trans for purchased unit

Used Units - No Sales Trans No for sold unit


At the completion Evopos writes the information to the Operator Log and gives the option to produce separate reports for:

1).The issues Fixed

2).The suspect Issues marked as TODO


Note: There is also a new option for deleting data (including Sales and Purchases) before a date in Settings (on the System / General tab under Change Database options). Sales and Purchases will only be deleted if the Transaction and the Payment dates are both before specified date.