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Communications (Comms)

Communications (Comms)

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Communications (Comms)

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Evopos has a advanced built in Communications section (Comms).

The Comms section can be found by selecting Contacts from the top menu and then select Comms from the left hand menu. If the menu option is not shown please check your security level settings.

Comms allows you to build mailing list of Contacts based on a wide variety of different criteria.

Once you have built the Mailing List (basically a list of de-duplicated contacts), you can specify the Sending Method to use; Email, SMS, Printed documents, or a combination of these.

After selecting a Sending Method, you can choose the content of what to send. For example if the Sending Method is email we can select HTML templates, if the Sending Method is SMS we can select a Text template.

There are also several automated mailing lists that can be configured in the Scheduler - See Settings / Workstation / Scheduler

See also Email - SMS Text Messaging - Document Templates