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Contact Categories

Contact Categories

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Contact Categories

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Contact Categories are a great way to categorise your various contact records into specific groups, for easier searching, reporting and mail merging. A contact can belong to multiple categories and you can define your own

For example we may have: Suppliers, Retail, Trade, VIP, Race fan, etc

To add a contact to a category go to Contacts, and select the Category Tab at the bottom right of the screen.


In the above example, we have added the Retail category to the contact. If the category shows in the Selected column, it is correctly assigned to the contact record.

To do this, click on the category name in the Available column, then click the Add button to move it to the Selected column.

If you want to take the category off the contact record, select it in the Selected column and click the Remove button.

You can set a default Category to be entered on each new contact or alternatively you can force at least  one category to be selected when creating or editing. To set this up see Settings / System / Contacts.

Making your own categories

If you want to change the default categories, or create some new ones, you can use the New, Edit & Delete buttons underneath the Available column.

These can then be added to the contact record as normal.

NOTE: If you delete a category it will be un-assigned from every contact in your database. Use with caution.