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Contacts Default Settings



Force Category

Ensures the user selects a customer Category each time a contact is created

Default Category

Alternatively automatically uses this Category for each time a contact is created

Force Source/Area/Email/Phone

Ensure the users enters these fields (Note: In Source have a record of 'Not Known' as below. In other fields we can put ? if not known so the entry can continue and also so we can report on this later)

Default Search Mode

All enables text anywhere in the Name, Phone, CustomerNo and Address. Name enable the list to still be in name order.

User defined fields

There are additional fields that can be used for any purpose in relation to a contact. We can set the names for these fields here

Source Codes For New Customers

You can create you own list of Source codes (How a new customer initially came to know of you).

Common options are: Referrals, Web site, MCN Advert, Yellow pages, etc.

Note: It is helpful to have a Source of 'Not Known' so we can tell the difference between when it is not known and when it has been forgotten to be entered.

Contacts Maintenance



Tidy - Ensure one main person and remove spaces

It is important that there is one Contact Person record marked as Main for every Contact record. If there is none then Invoices etc will not have any details, and if there is more than one with Main ticked the Invoice content will be duplicated.  Sometimes when data is imported it has extra spaces at the beginning and / or end of the Name and Address fields. This option removes them

Set reminder to SMS if not set and has Mobile

Evopos has features to send SMS messages automatically in various circumstances. These automated SMS messages will only be sent to contacts who have the 'Default Reminder' set to SMS in their contact record.  This option will set the Default Reminder to SMS for all contacts who do not have this field already set (eg: The customer may have already requested you not to send messages so it would be set to None), and the user has a Mobile phone number

Set reminder to Email if not set and has Mobile

Similar to above but for Emails

Clear ALL prospect data

This will delete all prospect actions and clear the Prospect fields in the Contacts table when wanting to start from  scratch

Clear prospects with no actions

Normally a Prospect will have Actions associated with it such as New Enq, Chase, Sold. This option will clear the Prospect fields in the Contacts table where no Actions exist. Normally to tidy up old data.

Update Greeting

The Greeting field is used for a more personal when sending an SMS,

Set Cust Nos

This is only needed if you need to add a Prefix for a customer or some contacts do not have customer numbers. Note you can also set a prefix for new customer numbers by setting an Code in the Divisions section

Change Allocated Staff

You can allocate an staff member (operator) as allocated to a customer (as in an Account Manager). This utility enables you to change all of an allocation, for example when a staff member leaves and they need to be allocated to someone else.

Set Customer Category

This is a useful option for automatically setting a Contact Category for a Group of Contacts. You can create new categories and set individually in the main Contacts screen in the Categories tab

Export contacts to PAF file

This is a common option for Data Cleansing. See Contacts Data Cleanse

Export contacts to Evopos CSV file

See General / Importing Data / Contacts for the file format. See the column order in General > Importing Data > Contacts.

Export contacts to LDAP CSV file

This is a common standard for Syncing Contact details. The columns are in the following order: DN,cn,displayName,sn,postalAddress,PostalCode,Telephone,mail,objectCategory,objectClass

Import Contacts from Evopos CSV file

If the customer number exists and is not blank then it will update the record, or else it will create a new record.  See General / Importing Data / Contacts for the file format

Process PAF Data Cleanse CSV file

This option can update contact data from a file processed by a Data Cleansing company. In addition to the fields provided in the above Export Contacts to PAF CSV file option it will append additional Result fields. See Contacts Data Cleanse

Encrypt card details (after importing)

It is often required that sensitive information such as Card details is encrypted. This option will encrypt data in the the card field. If there is already encrypted data in there prior to importing you should run this option to de-crypt it prior to importing so that all records can be encrypted at the same time

Mark Contacts as Inactive

Sometime we do not want contacts appearing on our search screen every time but we still want to keep the information. Often the best way is to mark these contacts as In-Active. This utility has options for bulk marking in-active for various criteria.