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Create a Transfer

Create a Transfer

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Create a Transfer

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Transfers are similar to Purchase orders except:

You select the stores and send method rather than a supplier

The Based on store is what the transfer is based on. Either because it has the re-order criteria or it has the parts in it that need to be transferred to a different store.

The Other store is the other store it is Sending To or Receiving From (as set in the Send method)

The data is stored in purchase order header and lines tables but with a different code

If the item Lookup Number is not found in the Receiving store the system will create it using the details available in the Sending store. If the Category Name is found it will use that and set the item supplier to the default supplier for that category, If not found it will create a new Category record but will not set Groups or Supplier details. If the item is a new or used unit it will also create the Unit Sales Details and Unit Main Details if it does not already exist.  

You can also Transfer Units in Items / Units