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Create New Price Level

Create New Price Level

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Create New Price Level

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Select Items from the top menu and then Price Levels from the left menu.

The Price Level 'Header' details are set at the top of the page. There are options to: Add, Edit and Delete 'Header' records above the top Header grid.

Each Price Level 'Header' can have any number of 'Detail' Lines.  There are options to: Add, Edit and Delete 'Detail' records above the bottom Details grid.

Detail records can be based on one of the following types

Line-Individual Items- Set a Discount or a set Price for individual items. You can also set a fixed Price over-ride.

Line-Category - For a specific Stock Category by Discount. Can also be used for exceptions, for example for Trade 1 we might set All to 20% and then set the Category for Freight to 0%

Line-Brand - For a specific Stock Brand by Discount

Line-All - For Everything (except exceptions) by Discount

Total-Mixed - Enables us to set special prices for a combination of items. For example if customers could buy a Drink (normally 3.00) and a sandwich  (normally 3.50) for a total of 5.00

Total-Sales - Enables us to set a special discount if the customer spends more than a set amount

The Detail lines are checked in a specific order: Item - Category - Brand - All. This means if it finds an Item entry it will not check the line types after that for that transaction line. If it does not find an 'Item' record it will check for a 'Category' etc.

Discounts can be based on: Retail, Cost, or one of the 3 user defined price fields (eg: Web Price, US Dollar, List). Note User defined 3 price is normally used for the 'List' (highest price). There are pricing labels that show this price crossed out and the set price as 'Our Price'.

You can control if the Discounts / Surcharges are shown or not shown. On each of the 'Detail' lines we can select a Not Shown Discount, a Shown Discount

You can also set a Minimum Qty for the Discount or Set Price to be applied, for example if you set it to 3 the discount will only apply if selling 3 or more.

You can also control Loyalty Points from Price levels. See Loyalty System

A common way of setting up a Price Levels is to set 'Line-All' to the most common discount, then set various categories that have a different discount (including categories that have no discount), and then set specific items that unique price or discount.

To add a surcharge rather than a discount you should enter a negative discount figure. This is common when basing the discount on the Cost price (Such as Staff = Cost plus 10%).