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Creating New Stock Items

Creating New Stock Items

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Creating New Stock Items

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When you are ready to create the new stock item, go to Items > Stock Items > New and select the type of item you want to create.

New Stock Item

Standard Items - These are part numbers designated to regular items, for example Helmets, Oil Filters or Handlebars.

Messages - A blank, non-valued part number that can be used to quickly add a message to a part or a transaction.

New Units - New units have a Part Number created but the Units are created when Receiving them on a Purchase Order. See Creating New Units

Used Units - When purchasing Used Units, you would choose this option. See Creating Used Units

Create with blank details

To create a part with blank details, ensure the box titled "Create with blank details" is ticked and type the part number into the "Lookup Number for new stock item" field as shown above. Once you are happy with the part number, click OK. You can change the part number at any time after this stage.

Create from selected item details

This option allows you to quickly create a new part from an existing part. By selecting this option, you can find an existing part number in the drop down list, make any changes to the lookup number and click OK. All the information from the selected part will be duplicated on the new part number meaning you will have less things to enter manually.

Note: This will not affect the original part number, or duplicate the quantity in stock on the new one.

Create from another store/price file

With this option, you can draw existing information from a manufacturers price file, providing the file is stored in your system, and the part number you are using matches the one in the price file. Simply select this option, then select the relevant parts file from the drop down and scan or enter the part number or barcode in the Lookup Number field. When you click ok, the cost, sell, description and category will be automatically populated on the stock item.

After clicking OK, you are taken to the stock items screen in edit mode so you can add all the information

Lookup No: The unique number for the part or service

Description: A Description of the product or service.

Cost: Your initial cost price

Cost % if zero cost:

Sell: The retail price for the item

Margin: The percentage profit margin calculated by the cost and sell prices.

Tax Code: Set a tax rate for the item

Inc Tax box: Toggle the display of tax on both the cost and sell fields.

Category button: Shortcut to access category menu

Category field: Select the relevant category for the item.

Brand:  The items brand name. The New and Edit buttons are used to create and amend brands. You can also add an image/logo.

Location: Where the item is physically stored.

Label Format: Size and layout of printable barcode label.

Every: Limit the quantity of labels printed when bringing stock in.

Long Description: Use a rich text format editor to add highly detailed information about the product.

Notes: Rich text editor to add item notes.


As well as having the option to create part numbers based on barcodes or supplier part numbers, you can also create your own part numbers based on what product or service you are providing.


You can also create Packages. Please see Packages for more information.