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Creating a Mailing List

Creating a Mailing List

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Creating a Mailing List

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A mailing list can be built based on a number of varying criteria. These include contact categories, address details, Sold products, Overdue accounts, Service, MOT/Roadworthy, etc.

Each mailing list has a unique Code. Evopos will assign one automatically based on the date, but you can create your own memorable codes. These codes can also be used in future mailing lists, for example you may wish to exclude the contacts that were for a previous Mailing Code.

You can use both Include and Exclude criteria. You should normally do the Include criteria first and then do the exclude criteria.

For example you could include all customers who had purchased a new unit from you in the last 3 years (say 300 contacts), and then exclude the customers who have had a service in the last 6 months (say 170 of them), so you are left with a list of (130) customers who had bought a unit but have not been back for a service in the last 6 months.

Customer Categories are also very useful for building Mailing Lists - See Contact Categories

The Mailing list will also automatically de-duplicate. For example if you sold a customer 3 units it will only display their name once.