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Creating an Action

Creating an Action

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Creating an Action

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You can create an Action by selecting Items from the top menu and Actions from the left menu.


You can also create and allocate an action in the one go by selecting Items > Stock, select the stock item you wish to attach the action to, selected Edit from the left menu, select the Action tab in the bottom right of the screen, and then allocate and/or create the Action.


An Action normally comprises of a Header record (displayed in the top grid) with one or more Line records (displayed in the bottom grid).


On the Action screen to create the Header record select 'New' on the top line and and enter the following details


Name - Give it a meaningful name.

Type - Select one of the types of Action - See: Types of Action

Include Original - Tick if you want the original item it was brought up on to be included (Add-On), or un-tick if you do not want it included

Prompt - Enter any text you want displayed on the screen when the Action options are displayed


When completed the Header details select 'Ok' from the left menu


We can then add any Lines (Items) for the Action by selecting 'New Item' from the left menu.


If the Header Type is for Stock Items it will then bring up a Stock Item selection screen where you can select the appropriate stock item.


Depending on the Header Type you will then get slightly different screens. For example on a Kit you would get:


Part No - The stock item you just selected

Qty - How many to supply

Over-ride Type - Different types of Price Over-rides - See below

Over-ride Value - The amount depending on the Type

Sort Order - So you can change the order the items are entered


These are the current Over-ride options:



Add Percentage

Add Fixed Amount Incl Tax

Add Fixed Amount Excl Tax

Subtract Percentage

Subtract Fixed Amount Incl Tax

Subtract Fixed Amount Excl Tax

Replace Fixed Amount Incl Tax

Replace Fixed Amount Excl Tax