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Creating Contacts

Creating Contacts

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Creating Contacts

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When creating a new contact we want to avoid re-creating a record for a contact who is already there.

To help with this we would normally search for a key part of the name first to ensure the Contact is not already in the system.

If the personal names have had their surname entered first (as normally recommended - See Contacts Browse Screen - eg: BROWN,JOHN), we can just enter part or all of their surname which will list all the records starting with that.

Or if the name has been entered in the format JOHN BROWN, we can either search by first name, or put the wild-card character % before such as %BROWN, or set the search mode to 'All'

If we see the appropriate contact we can select that, if not we can select 'New' to create a new record (or if we enter a name and none are found, and then press press enter it will prompt us to add a new record.

You can then add any other information such as address, phone numbers etc. For good communications it is good to get at least their Name, Greeting, Email and Mobile number. Categories also work very well