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Creating Used Units

Creating Used Units

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Creating Used Units

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There are two ways to add Used Units:

Purchasing - Buy adding a Used Unit in Items > Stock Items > New. Make sure the Type: 'Used Unit' is selected and select OK

Trade-Ins - Trade-Ins can be entered when selling a Unit and selecting the Trad-In option. They can also be entered by selecting the 'Adding a Trade-In' option in Sales > Options (For multiple Trade-Ins and Trade-Ins when not selling a Unit)

Entering Used Unit details

Confirm the Contact for the person you are buying the unit from

Confirm the Unit you are purchasing. If the unit is already registered to that contact it will show. If not enter the Reg/Ref No in 'All Units', this will check if we have sold or worked on it before. If the Reg/Ref is not found you should enter the main Model name so it can create the details from the Model Template. If the Model Template is not found we should create a new Model Template

Confirm the Used Unit details. Please see Used Unit Schemes for the correct Tax rate

If the unit is on Consignment tick the Consignment option. See Consignment Units

If there is Finance Settlement on the Used Unit select the Finance Settlement option and enter the Finance Company and the amount of Finance Settlement. See Finance Settlement