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Credit a Previous Sale

Credit a Previous Sale

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Credit a Previous Sale

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This option enables you to create a credit note automatically from an Invoice that was previously created.

To credit all the lines on a transaction, go to Sales and then Options. From there, select Credit a previous sale and input the invoice number. Once entered, the details of the sale will be shown for reference.

You should confirm how to credit the payments. The options are:

Credit Reverse Payments - This will produce a credit using the Current method(s) of payment for the invoice. For example, if the invoice value was 50.00 and it was paid by cash, the 50.00 cash may need to be returned to the customer. This figure will be shown as a credit in your In Hand Cash totals for the day. Note: If the invoice was originally on account and then it later paid by cheque, if you use the same payment it will take the payment as it is now (eg: Cheque, not Account)

Credit to account - This applies the credit to the customers account for use as payment at a later date. If the original invoice was placed on account, then the Credit as original option would also produce the same results.

You should also confirm the Date for the credit. Make sure you do not date it back into a period where the tax has already been paid (You can set a No Transactions before date).

Once happy with the details, select OK from the left menu. You will be asked to confirm if you want to create a credit for this transaction. Click Yes to create and print (if a printer is set) the credit note. You can also add a message.