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Division Logos

Division Logos

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Division Logos

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You can set a logo to be displayed on invoices and other reports for each Division.

There are 2 Logos for each Division:

A large one for printing on forms such as Invoices, Estimates, Statements etc. (aprox physical size:  Width 115mm x Height 34mm)

A smaller one for printing on Reports and Labels etc. (aprox physical size: Width 60mm x Height 25mm)

The Physical size is just to give an example of the proportions. When the image is printed it will be stretched proportionally to suit that physical size.  So so long as you keep those proportions the image should look good.

Although the Logos are stored in the database they are also copied to the application reports folder on each computer so they can be used by the Reporting program (Crystal Reports).

The files have a specific naming format eg:

C:\Program Files\Evopos\Evopos\Reports\LargeLogo_C999_D1.jpg

Where 999 is the Company number and 1 is the Division ID.

If your logo is not printing make a note of the Company ID and the Division ID and then check to see if the files exist in the above folder.

Sometimes the Image files can be corrupted or the wrong size to display and you may need to delete them and select the refresh option.

Editing the Graphic files

With the large logo (used for forms such as Invoices etc.) you may not want to use the whole size for the company logo. You may want to put the Logo in one corner of the area and leave the rest of the area blank or for other smaller graphics such as key brand logos.

You could create a bank image of the size required,  drop the company logo in the top left corner, and then put other images or text around it. For example you may want to include smaller logos for major Brands that you sell or support.

To set your Large logo to the correct proportions in Windows Paint application:

Open the Logo graphic in Paint (Right click the file and select 'Edit', or start Paint and open the file)

If required you can Crop by clicking 'Select' (from the top ribbon menu), selecting the area you want and click 'Crop'

If you want the height of the logo to be different to the height of the area then you can drag the canvas down so that the height of the logo in proportion to the height of the area

When you are happy with the Height proportion, select 'Resize' from the top Ribbon menu (Image section), select 'Pixels' instead of 'Percent' in the Resize options and note the Height (Vertical) in Pixels (say 550 in this example)

Then we can calculate the ideal width by taking the Height (as above) and divide by 34 and multiply the result by 115 (eg: 550 / 34 = 16.176 * 115 = 1860)

You can then expand the canvas to the right and keep checking the 'Resize' until the pixels for the Width (Horizontal) is about right (as calculated above)

If you want the logo in a different position you can then click on the 'Select' option and select the logo area and drag to the appropriate position


To do the Small Graphic do the same as above but calculate the Width by taking the Height, divide by 25 and multiply the result by 60 (eg: 550 / 25 = 22 * 60 = 1320)

If the original logo resolution is high (over 1000px high(Vertical)), you may want to reduce the size by selecting Resize by a percentage

Logos can be in JPG, BMP or PNG format.