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Document Templates

Document Templates

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Document Templates

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Document Templates are used to store commonly used text (and graphics) to avoid having to re-type information multiple times.

There are 2 types of Document Templates

Plain Text - Normally just used  for SMS Text Messages

HTML Text - Used for Emails and Printing


You can access Document Templates in many places including:

Contacts > Comms > Templates

Contacts > Persons tab > Email

Settings > Comms > Templates


Setting Default Templates

You can control which templates are used as default in certain areas. These areas include:

Notifications (see Notifications)

Estimate Emailed

Sales Order Emailed

Invoice Emailed (Note: You can have different templates for Job, Units and Other Invoices)

Payments received Emailed

Purchase Remittance Emailed

Purchase Orders Emailed

General Email (eg: From selecting Email in Contacts)


Special Fields

You can include a large range of Special Fields in a Document Template. These are dynamic fields in that they are replaced with the appropriate information at the time of production. So if for example you entered: 'Hello %GREETING%,' it could be converted to 'Hello Brucey,'.

Note: You can view the Special Fields by selecting Special Fields on the Template Editor. If you highlight one and select OK, it will be copied to the Computers clipboard memory. This means when you return to the Template editor, you can place the cursor at the point you want to insert it and press Ctrl+V to paste that field in that position.

Special Fields for the select Contact

%NAME%                (eg: Bruce Banner)

%GREETING%                (eg: Brucey)

%WORKPH%                (eg: 0255303101)

%HOMEPH%                (eg: 0255303101)

%MOBILEPH%        (eg: 0255303101)

%EMAIL%                (eg: bruce101@gmail.com)

%DOB%                (eg: 14-Sep-1965)

%BIRTHDAY%                (eg: 14 September)

%ADDRESS%                (eg: 13 Any Street, Anytown, Dorset, BH1 4HJ)

%CUSTNO%                (eg: 123456)

%POINTS%                (The current number of Loyalty Points the Contact has, eg: 2350)

%LOYALTYDATE%        (The Expiry date of the current Loyalty Card, eg: 15-Feb-2016)

%INVOICELAST%        (A table showing the Last Invoice eg: Date,Invoice No,Name,Total,Message,Payment)

%OWING%                (A table showing Invoices Owing eg: Date,Invoice No,Total,Due Date)


Special Fields for the Current Operator (As set in Settings / Operators)

%OPSHORTNAME%        Short Name (eg: Pete)

%OPFULLNAME%        Full Name (eg: Peter Smith)

%OPEMAIL%                From Email (eg: pete.smith@evopospowersports.com)

%OPSIGNATURE%        Signature (eg: Best Regards, Peter Smith, Workshop Manager, Phone: 0255303101, Email: pete.smith@evopos.com)


Other Special Fields

%DATELONG%        (eg: Monday 13 September 2015)

%DATESHORT%        (eg: 13-Sep-2015)

%DIVISIONNAME%        The Name for the currently selected Division (eg: ABC Motorcycles)

%DIVISIONADDRESS% The 5 detail lines for the currently selected Division (Normally: Address + Phone + Web)

%DIVISIONDET1%        The 1st detail line for the currently selected Division

%DIVISIONDET2%        The 2nd detail line for the currently selected Division

%DIVISIONDET3%        The 3rd detail line for the currently selected Division

%DIVISIONDET4%        The 4th detail line for the currently selected Division

%DIVISIONDET5%        The 5th detail line for the currently selected Division

%LOGOSMALL%        The Small Logo for the currently selected Division

%LOGOLARGE%        The Large Logo for the currently selected Division

%UNSUBSCRIBE%        Enters an Un-Subscribe link using the email as set in Settings / Licencing

%FIELD1%                (Depends on how produced - See Table below)

%FIELD2%                (Depends on how produced - See Table below)

Field 1 and Field 2 Contents


Field 1

Field 2

Email Sales, Estimates or Sales Orders

Total Amount including Tax

Transaction Number

Job Booked Reminder

JobNo + Job Description

Date ToDo

Job Email to Engineer (Template must be called: 'Email Job to Engineer')

Customer Name

DateToDo + JobNo + JobDescription

Comms - Units Invoiced

Unit Make

Unit Model

Comms - Jobs Invoiced

Job Description

RegNo + Make + Model

Sale Unit - Follow-up

Total Amount including Tax

Transaction Number

Editing HTML Documents

You can create great looking documents using HTML. Evopos includes an easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Or you can edit the 'Source' option to edit the HTML text directly.

To insert pictures so they can be seen anywhere you can either embed them or store them on the internet at a location that is available to everyone. Embedding will normally enable the image to be displayed straight away. Storing on the Internet will make the email size much smaller.

Storing Pictures on the internet

Use an Image storage site such as:

http://imgur.com  - Create a free account, Sign in, Upload picture and copy the link.

http://dropbox.com  - Create a Dropbox account (Normally Free). Images must be in the Public folder. Copy the link by right clicking the image in the Dropbox folder and select 'Copy Public Link'

In the Evopos HTML Editor, put the cursor where you want to insert the picture (You may want to create a Table or Divide to have more control of the placement), then select the Insert Picture option and enter the Link that you copied above.

To include an Un-subscribe link

To have an email sent from the user with Pleas un-subscribe me just enter the %UNSUBSCRIBE% special Field.  If you have a different un-subscribe method insert the code / link directly.