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EBay Setting up

EBay Setting up

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EBay Setting up

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Setting up website and Linking with eBay:

What you will need:

Active eBay account with username and password ( this account must be verified and linked with a payment method to be able to list items)

Evopos Version 2.03.70 or greater

Paypal Account


Create an EBay website in Evopos

1.Create a new Website in Evopos by:

a.Navigate to Settings\Websites

b.Create a new website by selecting New from the left menu

c.We recommended naming your website "eBay"

d.Change the site format to eBay

2.You will now have a button that reads "Link eBay Account", click this button and wait for a webpage to open

3.Once the webpage is loaded enter you eBay login details and click login

4.Select the "I Agree" button to continue

5.Now head back to Evopos where you should see a message box asking you if you have logged in, if you have select Yes.

6.Select Save


Payment Methods:

1.In Evopos Navigate to Settings\Websites

2.Enter you Paypal email address into the correct field

3.Check tick box if accepting bank transfer payment method

4.Check COD tick box if accepting cash on delivery payments

5.Select Save when finished.


Other settings:


Payment terms

Return policy

Default shipping methods

Item template