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Feridax EDI Orders

Feridax EDI Orders

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Feridax EDI Orders

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Before you start

Make sure that you have the following things before setting this up:

•        An active, Feridax online account

•        A contact record on Evopos with the word Feridax in it (Not case sensitive)

•        All Feridax parts must have Feridax set as a supplier

•        All Feridax parts must have the Official Feridax Part Number entered into the Supplier Part No field.


To Setup

In Evopos select ‘Contacts’ from the top menu, search for Feridax, select ‘Edit’

In the ‘Sales’ tab in the bottom right quarter of the screen, and in the ‘Debtor Notes’ field enter the following:


In the ‘Other’ tab, in User defined field #1 (shown as 'Set in settings' if name not already set) enter your username as provided by Feridax.

In user defined field #2, fill in your password followed immediately by “aspin_0184” (without quotes) with no spaces or punctuation between. (e.g. 012345aspin_0184)

Finally, In user defined field #3 enter your Feridax account number

NOTE: The Feridax contact record must contain the word ‘Feridax’ in the ‘Name’ field in upper or lower case.


To Create and Send the Purchase Order

Create a purchase order for Feridax as normal.

When you click save make sure the send method is ‘File’, the format is ‘Business Manager’, and the file name is ‘C:\EVOPOS\WEB\FERIDAX.TXT’ as shown below:

When you click OK the order will be sent to Feridax, and a pop-up window should appear stating whether the order was submitted successfully or not.

NOTE: In order for the EDI system to work, you must have the correct Feridax part numbers in the ‘Supplier No’ fields on the purchase order.


Verifying your Orders

When successfully sent, you can log on to the Feridax dealer site and look under ‘saved orders’ where you have the opportunity to check stock levels and cancel any parts which they don’t have in stock.

If you see the message ‘Order failed’ check your details and if still a problem call Evopos Support.