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EDI Orders - BRP AU

EDI Orders - BRP AU

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EDI Orders - BRP AU

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Setting Up

To enable the BRP Boss EDI Ordering system bring up the name you will be ordering under in Contacts, select the Purchases tab

In Account Number enter: EDIBOSS and then the Account Number.

You can also set your default order Type eg: Stock or Emergency. You can change when producing the Purchase Order.


Creating Purchase Orders

Create the Purchase Order as normal. When when saving, the option should automatically be set to Export the Order (Instead of Printing it).

Evopos will create a file containing the Order Details (Normally in C:\EVOPOS\ORDERS ).

You can then go into BRP Boss web site, select Parts / Regular Order Entry. Select the Upload icon (normally an icon of a computer screen, about the 3rd one from the left), then select 'Browse' and select the file created above.


Note: You can also import Pick lists from both the BRP Boss Web Parts Catalogue and the PartSmart EPC with BRP items. See Sales / Import