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Electronic Parts Catalogues

Electronic Parts Catalogues

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Electronic Parts Catalogues

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Electronic Parts Catalogues (often called EPCs or Electronic Fiche) are applications where you can look up a Part Number from an exploded parts diagram.

Evopos can integrate with many suppliers EPCs. Please contact Customer Service if the format you require is not shown in the following sections, and we can normally implement it for you.

How it works

Most EPCs have the ability to send a 'Pick List' file of the items selected to a file, normally when you select an option such as 'Send to DMS' or 'Export'. Evopos can then process this file and automatically enter the items as sales lines on a Sales Transaction (Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice ir Book to Job).

Please see the instructions for each appropriate EPC for how to setup and create the 'Pick List File'

You will need to know the name and location of the file it creates and the format of the file.

Each workstation can integrate with 4 different EPCs as you can set up to 4 File Names and Formats.

Built in EPC

In addition to this, both Evopos Desktop, and the Evopos E-Commerce solution (so your customers can order genuine parts from your web site), have an integrated EPC built in which can access the data directly from the supplier via an 'API' or 'Web Service'. If your supplier offers an API service we can implement this for you.