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Manual Updating

Manual Updating

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Manual Updating

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To enter the amounts manually in the other Accounting system (not using Export / Import options) we would:

Create an invoice for the total sales in that period. If there are sales for different tax rates we would enter a separate line for each tax rate

Create payment for the total for each payment method taken in that period.

All records would normally be entered under a single generic customer account. This means your accounting program will show a summary of the Sales, Payments and a 'Total' Debtors figures but you would need to look to Evopos to see the individual transactions and produce individual statements etc.

The information to do this can be pulled out in separate Sales and Payment reports. Alternatively, we have a 'Debtors Control' report that has all the information including the opening and closing debtors to check against the other accounting program, in the one report. It also gives the option to create an Export file at the end. To produce: select Accounts from the top menu and in the Quick Reports (at the top on the Accounts summary screen), select the report called Debtors Control  

This will show a report which shows how the sales payments and debtors balance out eg:


Opening Debtors          10,000.00        


Sales by Tax rate        Inc                Tax                Net
 Tax 10%                5,500.00        500.00                5,000.00
 Exempt 0%                   200.00            0.00                 200.00                  
Plus Total Sales        5,700.00        500.00                5,200.00


Payments received by MethodAmount
 Cash                                3,000.00
 Cards(Visa,MC,Debit)        2,000.00
 Amex                        1,700.00
Less Total Payments                6,700.00


Equals Closing Debtors          9,000.00