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E-Commerce - Configuration

E-Commerce - Configuration

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E-Commerce - Configuration

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To setup Evopos e-Commerce initially you will need to:

Enable Database access over the Internet -  Evopos Customer service or your IT specialist will be able to do this for you. See Connecting to the database and refer to the connecting over the Internet section.

Get your Evopos E-Commerce account set up - Contact Evopos Customer Service with the live Database connection details and Customer Services will set up an Evopos Cloud account for you and an e-Commerce Site and give you the URLs for both.


Configuring Evopos e-Commerce via Evopos Cloud

Much of the configuration of e-Commerce is controlled from Evopos Cloud so a user who wants Evopos e-Commerce will also have Evopos Cloud (albeit a restricted version).

So we need log into Evopos Cloud so we can configure Evopos e-Commerce and ensure various services such as Paypal are set up. Note: Customer Services can do this for you or assist you.

1.In Evopos Desktop select Settings / Operators and note their 'From Email Address' and Passcode (soon to change to 'Web Access Passcode')

2.Navigate to Evopos Cloud through their new domain eg: abcmc.cloud.evopos.com

3.Log in using the From Email address the Pass-code (soon to be Web Access Password) of the appropriate Evopos Operator.

4.Click the Setup Evopos e-Commerce button


There are a variety of settings we can change under the Various tabs:

Content Pages

Here we can create new pages or edit existing ones


Company Details

Ensure the company details are complete and correct


Logo - We can set this as the Top image. This is by default the company Logo but we can change it to suit the web site. The normal maximum width of the site is 1140px so the image should be no wider than this.

Theme - You can set any one of a variety of themes. This can change a Colours, Fonts, Button styles etc to get a site that suits your branding.

Website Mode - You can set Retail (), Trade() or Off-Line() 


The Home Page option is the page that will load when you click on the Top Image (Logo)

You can set up to 3? Navigation options that will appear on the main Navigation bar. You would put the text you want to appear in the link in the Text box and the URL of the page in the URL box eg: about-us


When completed the changes select the 'Save' option.



Set your shipping options here



Set you Payment options here



Set you Integration options such as Paypal and Facebook here


For Items to appear on your Product Pages

First in Evopos you would normally do the following

Ensure you have your Categories set up logically with Main and Sub Groups

Ensure the stock items you want listed have at least one Image and a Long Description set

Then just tick the 'Web Store' option on a stock item (Inventory tab) and it will instantly appear on the Web site.

See General - Item Setup in General e-commerce link guide for more details