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Evopos Mobile Main Functions

Evopos Mobile Main Functions

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Evopos Mobile Main Functions

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Main functions

Evopos Mobile can be used for the following tasks:

Dashboard– Shows key information from Evopos. Shows the users sales and commission (if applicable) for today, the week to date and for the month to date.  If the user has security for Accounts it will also show Total sales today, for the week and for the month, also Bank Balances and In-Hand balances,

Contacts –You can search all contacts by Name, Customer Number or Phone Number. Once a contact is selected there are options to: Dial phone numbers, Send emails, Create Sales orders, Create Prospect action, Create Task etc. You can also create new contacts.

Sales – Initially shows current sales orders under your name. You can view or edit an existing order or create a new sales order.

Messages– Initially shows new messages. You can create a new message to one person or to multiple staff. You can change filter to show acknowledged or sent messages. When you select a message you have options to change the status, postpone or convert to a Task.

Tasks– Initially shows all current Tasks. Can create new Tasks for yourself or other staff. Can edit and change status.

Appointments– Initially shows all future appointments. Can create new appointments. When an appointment is selected you can edit or change status.

Jobs –Initially shows jobs to be carried out today for that Technician. Can filter on To do today, To do all, Done today. Once selected a Job have the following options: Log time, Edit details, Change the status of a job to Ready, Available, Hold etc. Change the parts status to Ok, To Order, On Order.  Note also see Items for booking parts to jobs

Prospects– Initially shows all current Prospects and allows you to create new ones.

Items– Initially shows options for stock lookup, unit lookup, stock take and price book lookup. Multiple search options and filtering, will display product images if available, options to edit, book to job and add to sales order. Can stock take by location, category, brand and part.