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Evopos Mobile Setting up

Evopos Mobile Setting up

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Evopos Mobile Setting up

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Contact Evopos customer services for an account

If you do not yet have an Evopos Mobile account, please contact Evopos customer services so we can setup an account for. It should only take a few minutes and you may need to provide the following information:

Your company name

Your Operator/Staff ID in Evopos (See in Settings > Operator/Staff)

Your email address (must be different for each account)

A six digit pin number (Numeric eg: 0 to 9)

Your global IP Address (Must be a static IP address or a Dynamic IP service)

Your Database name, Instance, User name and Pass code (we can help you get this information)


Setting up your phone initially

Once we have set up an account for you, you can setup your phone

On your mobile device go into the web browser and navigate to: mobile.evopos.com.au for Australia, or mobile.evopos.co.uk for the UK

When you are at the Evopos Mobile Login screen for the first time (on your smart phone), you should add it to your Home screen (On an iPhone / iPad you would select the bottom left icon and select ‘Add to Home screen’, On other phones you would save as Icon / Shortcut / Bookmark)

On the Login screen confirm your email address as the User and enter your Pin number. Make sure you select to ‘Auto Login’ so that the next time it logs in automatically (If not you will have to re-enter the Login details next time).


Connecting to Evopos Mobile

On an iPhone just select the Evopos Mobile button. On other smart phones you may need to start from the bookmarks in the phones browser


Connecting to your database

Evopos Mobile has no offline mode, if it cannot access your database it simply will not work.

See General / Installation / Connecting to the database


Step 4 - Evopos Mobile

1.Log into your account and select the My Account option

2.Fill in your connection details:

1.SQL Server / IP Address = Your internet IP address + "," (comma) + your custom port number Eg.,34200

2.Database = Your database name

3.Username = SQL Username

4.Password = SQL Password

3.Select Save

4.You will now have the option to select a cashier / user, select Save after choosing the cashier


We take securing your data very seriously, we encrypt your login details as well as your connection details.

There are a number for measures you can take for ensuring safe access to your database over the internet:

Set a strong SQL password

Custom ports - By using a custom port number you are making the address of your database unique.