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Portal - Evopos Setup

Portal - Evopos Setup

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Portal - Evopos Setup

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There are two main areas where we setup Evopos Portal from within Evopos Desktop: Settings and Web-Link


This is where the initial settings are made. Select Settings from the top menu, select Web-Sites from the top row of tabs, and ensure the correct site and site format is selected. With Evopos Portal the settings are divided into different sections:


Connection Details - You should have already entered your connection details as above.

Email Details - Enter your email server (eg: mail.testra.com), Login user and passcode

Evopos connection details - Do not worry about this unless you want the bulk add user feature from the portal


The main elements of how the site looks

Theme - We have a selection of free themes included. Web designers can also create custom themes.

Navigation Style -

Background image -

Header image -

Create the Database

The SQL Database is created and populated from Evopos

In Evopos select Settings from the top menu, then select the Websites top tab

Ensure you have a website created with the format Evopos Web store

Ensure your connection details in the appropriate boxes (as above)

Select Create Database by clicking on the Create Database button at the bottom of the screen

If the database is not found you may be prompted to enter the Hosting site master SQL connection details (on most of our servers this is automatic). Then the database and login user should be created.

If the database is found you will be prompted to delete any existing data

Once the database has been created or cleared you can proceed to Settings


Setting up the Web Store in Evopos

In Evopos > Settings > Websites ensure you have a record with an Evopos Web Store format.

Domain Name: You can either use one of our sub domains eg: www.<YourName>.evostore.com or create a sub domain under your an existing domain to point to your web store eg: www.store.<YourDomain> . If you already have a web site and wish to use the web store as a standalone products page you can just set this link on your main web site. This field is really just for your information

FTP & Database Details: Once the Hosting has been set up you should be provided with the necessary connection details.

Appearance: In the Web Site settings section you have a section for the appearance this is the area where you can change the colour scheme of the web store to suit your corporate identity design elements also include how you display the availability of your stock to your web user, you can either choose to display stock in a traffic light system which will inform the user if the item is in stock or not (will soon add “On Order”) or you can decide to show the stock quantity or hide the stock quantity all together.

oHeader Graphic – This will appear across the top of your site. The height should be 120px and the width should be the same as you have set your site width. Name the file header.jpg and put in the ??? folder

oBanner Graphic – You can optionally have a banner graphics which will appear under the main Header Graphic. The height should be: 90px and the width should be the same as you have set your site width. Name them promo1.png, promo2.png, promo3.png and put in the ??? folder

Payment methods: We have several payment methods and will be adding more on request

oSage Pay: The EvoPos web store has the ability to authenticate and receive card payments online for orders placed using only Sage Pay (more payment methods will be introduced at a later date. In order for you to be able to use this facility you will need to complete the sage pay Vendor details in The Web Site Settings

oPay Pal: All Evopos Web Stores have the ability to take PayPal payments and received the IPN notifications from PayPal when a payment has been verified. Firstly you will need to activate IPN notifications on your PayPal account, the IPN URL for the webstore http://<yourdomain>/ipnhandler.ashx  you will also need to set the Pay Pal “Return URL” to http://<yourdomain>/thanks.aspx (if you need help configuring this please contact a member of our team) The simply enter your PayPal account number into the settings form

Content: The webstore has additional pages in which you can add content to personalise your site eg: “Home, About, Services and Terms”. Each page has three sections, within a section we have a heading, main body content and a picture. The picture should be 150px X 200px or in those proportions

Update Design

Once the above details have been entered click on the ‘Reset Design’ option on the left menu


Reset Data

In Evopos select: Settings > Websites and ensure the correct store is selected

Select ‘Reset Data’ and answer the prompts to clear the tables you want eg: Orders, Products, Categories.