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Evopos Web Portal

Evopos Web Portal

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Evopos Web Portal

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Evopos Portal is our own e-commerce / customer service portal that has a high integration with Evopos.

Evopos Portal is more than an e-commerce site. It has a wide range of additional features to help improve sales, communications and customer service.

The content management and configuration is built into Evopos Desktop so it is very easy to setup and manage.

The Portal can be automatically populated with your stock items from Evopos (with the Web-Store option ticked).  The navigation to your products is controlled by how the Groups and Categories in Evopos are set up. Orders placed on the ‘Web Store’ can be automatically imported into Evopos.

The Evopos Portal includes the following key features

Shop - Products can be automatically created or updated on Portal via a schedule from Evopos

Integrated Price Levels - Enables any customer to have specific prices.  

Process Orders - Orders can be automatically downloaded into Evopos as Sales Orders or Invoices

Multiple Access Modes - Different modes on the Portal for: public access, secure customer access, salesperson access and admin access.

Downloads - Any number of downloads, can be tailored by customer,  customer type or region

Guides - Takes Guides from Evopos (Procedures)

Changes - Can show Completed changes in a users allocated subjects or projects

Reports - Shows a Users requested and completed Reports for that a users allocated subjects or projects (Project management)


The Evopos Portal integrates with your main Evopos data so the portal can be automatically populated and updated. The Evopos Portal allows a business to automatically populate and maintain a full featured web store from the main Evopos program without the need of any other programs or design skills.

You can completely create and control your portal / web store from within Evopos without duplication and with the minimum of time and effort. Evopos will also act as your Content manager so you do not need a separate admin site to maintain.

The site can either be a complete Web site, or, if the business already has a general web site and they just want a web store and / or portal features, they can just link to the products and checkout pages from their existing site.

The basic Evopos Portal is Free, however we can offer advanced or custom features for a nominal fee.

You can host yourself or we can provide low cost hosting on our servers. We can also provide a full setup service.

You will also require the Web-Link module in Evopos to keep the site(s) automatically updated. It can automatically populate and maintain your web site from  Evopos. You can then automatically import the orders into Evopos as Sales Orders. This is provided as an optional module on you monthly subscription. It allows you to integrate with multiple web stores.

As developers of the Evopos Portal, we can normally handle any custom requirements you may have.

Note: See also our EVOPOS Live Portal which uses your live data so it is always up-to-date and no updating is required