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Examples of Actions

Examples of Actions

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Examples of Actions

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Service Parts Kit - To save us entering all the parts separately (Plugs, Filters, Oil, Washers, Consumables) we could have service kits for each model with a Part Number of say KISECBR600 where CBR600 is the model. Then on the Action we could have a Kit-Item-Priced kit listing all the items included. We would normally un-tick the 'Include Original' box so that the Kit item is not shown.


Chain and Sprockets - This example uses a combination of a Kit-Item-Priced kit for the sprockets and a Pick-Multi-Item for the Chain. On Chain and Sprockets for say a CBR600 motorcycle we could have a part number for the Kit with a part number of say: KICSCBR600. On the first Action we could have a Kit-Item-Priced kit for the Front and Rear Sprockets (the Front Sprocket could fits 8 other models and the Rear Sprocket fits 4 other models so we do not need to double up on stock). Then the 2nd Action could be Pick-Multi-Item which would show the Standard Chain, a Heavy Duty chain an O-Ring Chain for that size with the different prices shown for each so the user could select their preference. (the Chains may also fit many other models). By storing the components separately we can supply many more models / configurations with less (duplicated) stock.


Packages - When multiple items are sold as a Package. For example in the Marine Industry boats are often sold as a package of Boat + Outboard + Trailer + Various accessories.


Please see Packages for more information.


Prompt for Serial No - If you have stock items that need serial numbers recording, but you do not want to setup as Units, you can add an Action to prompt for text and then the serial number can be entered or scanned in.


How Cooked - If you were for example selling steaks and you wanted to ensure the operator always put in how the steak was to be cooked, you could add a 'How Cooked' Action to the Steak item as a Pick-1-Text action with lines such as Rare, Med, Well done, etc.


NOTE: If you go to sell a KIT part number that there is available stock for it will prompt to sell the kit instead of the components. If you select this it will sell the Kit but add the Components (without prices) as text in the Description.