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Export Nominal

Export Nominal

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Export Nominal

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To use Nominal Export please ensure you have Evopos 2.06 Build 011 or later


Basically it works as follows:


Go to Accounts / Nominals


If you want to split any of the Nominals, select that Nominal and enter codes in the Description field for the Name and Percentage of the split.

For example if you wanted to split Sales Income - New Units between BMW, Honda and Other you would enter: |BMW,60|Honda,15|Other,25


If you do not want a Nominal code exporting at all , just enter ** anywhere in the description field


Then you can create the Export file by selecting the Export option from the left menu. Confirm your BMW dealer Number and the Month Number for the month you want to produce (Note: This is the financial month number not the year month number so if your year started 1st July then August would be month 2).


This will create the file and you can check it by opening it in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel