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Fixing Mistakes

Fixing Mistakes

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Fixing Mistakes

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If a Purchase has been entered incorrectly it is nearly always better to create an opposite entry (ie: credit note with the same details as the original purchase record but with negative figures).  If it has been paid also mark this opposite entry paid (normally with the same payment date and cheque no etc). If it was just details that were wrong we can then recreate the transaction entering the correct details. This gives the ability to track what has been changed.

There are also several ways to change details:

If you need to change the transactional nominal for all transactions with a certain nominal there is an option in Accounts / Maintenance / Change Purchase Transactions Nominal. There is also an option for changing the Payment method nominal.

You can change the Supplier in Accounts / Purchases.

You can change other fields in this section, however most other editable filed will require a Nominal rebuild (see Nominal). Also editing is not recommended as there is not a full record of the changes and unless you understand how it works, it may not work the way you intend. Some records such as Journals have 2 records that must have matching amounts.