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System Settings - General

System Settings - General

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System Settings - General

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Left Menu




Make changes to the current settings page.


Set which tools and features you require. Also add additional workstation licenses. You can also set / change your registered company name, email address and Industry.


Backup all your data and configuration into one file.


Downloads the latest program updates to the Evopos system.

General Settings

Setting field


Colour Scheme

Set a default colour for the background of the system. You can leave it as Default, or choose Green, Blue, or Pricey.

Default Tax Inc Option

Sets the Tax Inc toggle to on or off as a default across the whole system.

Default Stock Label

Select a default stock label added to all new stock items.

Default Cust Order Label

Select a default Customer Order label for printing customer information when receiving Orders.

Default Consign,F/Plan

When buying in a New Unit, you can select it as 'On Consignment' or 'Floor Plan'. This setting determines the default selection.

Action on Estimate Save

When saving an estimate, the system can prompt you to add a prospect action in the CRM. Use this setting to set the default selection.

Print Web Orders

If set to yes, this will enable received Web Orders to be imported and / or printed automatically

Maintain Stock Purchase Accruals

When ticked, this option will calculate accrual figures for stock which has been added prior to a purchase invoice being created. The calculations can be viewed in the Nominal Ledger under 01-01-99, Stock Purchase Accruals.

Unique SubGroups for MainGroup

Prevents Sub Groups from being used under more than one Main Group for stock categories.

Default Web Store on new stock

Sets the default selection of Web Store on new stock items, on or off.

Default Stock qtys

Set the default Minimum and Optimum stock quantities for new stock items.

Stock additional price names

Rename the Price A, B and C fields in the stock items inventory tab.

Purchase Order fields shown

Select which columns you would like displayed on the new purchase order screen.

Restore Database

Click this to select a database file to restore into Evopos. WARNING: This overwrites all existing data in the system.

Reset Company ID

Resets Licence ID to 0 when the program need re-licensing. Only use this feature if advised to do so by an Evopos support engineer.

Regional Settings

Setting field


Region Name

Set your current region

Tax Name

Set the Tax name for your region

State/County Label

Change the name of the state/county field in the Contacts screen

International Phone Code

Used for adding the correct prefix to Mobile Phone numbers when texting from the system. E.g. +44 for UK.

Default Currency Symbol

The symbol which is displayed on reports, invoices and any monetary fields in the system.

Currency Rounding

Usually set to 1. This adjusts the amount to which decimal figures are rounded to.

Jobs and Organiser

Setting Field


Using Job Logging

Sets Logged time to match Invoiced time where no Logged time is submitted.

Job Summary

Changes the Daily view on the Organiser to display an address on the job window.