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Occasionally, you may want to hold a transaction you have started to produce, and come back to it later. That is where the Hold option come in.

There are many reasons to hold a transaction, for example, if a customer has to leave the shop mid-transaction and intends to return later, or you want to perform a quick Counter Sale whilst working on a larger one, or if you want to finish working on it on a different computer.

Once you have entered some parts/contact details onto the Sales screen lines, click Hold in the Left Hand Menu to save your work. You have the option to enter a comment, or notes to help remind you why you saved it. For example, "Customer gone for cash". Simply click OK to save it.

To recall a Held transaction select Recall and see the Held section. See Recall

Once a transaction has been saved as an Estimate or Sales Order, then it is no longer a 'Held' transactions and needs to be recalled from the appropriate Estimate or Sales Order section in Recall.

If you want to reserve some items for a customer, see the Sales Orders topic for more information.

Note: A Held transaction does NOT take the items out of stock, but instead, keeps a retrievable copy of what you were working on.