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Honda Data Quality

Honda Data Quality

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Honda Data Quality

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The Data Quality export file is to assist Dealers with improving their data.

The Data Quality export format is a CSV file with the following columns

Site – Normally blank

Title – Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr if used after , in full name (otherwise Blank)

FirstName – If the full name has a , this will be the text after the , (otherwise Blank)

LastName – If the full name has a , this will be the text before the , (otherwise full name)

Address1 – 1st line of address

Address2 – 2nd line of address (if any)

Address3 – Always blank

Town – The postal Town or City

County – The postal County

Postcode – The Postcode

Work Phone

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

Phone4 – Not used

Email – For future use

DoNotMail – The current Evopos setting based on the Evopos Send Mail flag

OptOutPhone – Not used

OptoutMobile – Not used

OptoutEmail – Not used

Gender – Male or Female

DOB – eg: 10-Jan-1989

ContactID – The Evopos ID number for each contact

VehicleID – The Evopos Unit Main Details ID number (where a unit is linked to that customer)

Model – Model name

Make - Make

RegNo – Registration number

RegDate – First Registered date

DeliveryDate -

MOTDueDate -

ServiceDueDate -

LastWorkDate -

LastMileage – Last recorded mileage at last Job or sale

ServiceIntervalMonths - Blank

ServiceIntervalMiles - Blank

LastMOTDate – If recorded else bland



Branch – Always ‘*PAF2’ (Used as a check field to ensure correct data layout)

ChassisNo – Frame Number / VIN

PreferredContactMethod – If set in Contacts

SourceofBusiness -

NewUsed – New, Used or blank

ReplacementDate -

EngineSize – The Size code as specified in Unit Main Details eg: 600

FuelType - Petrol

Transmission - Manual


To create the Honda Data Quality file in Evopos (UK Dealers):

Ensure Evopos is running

Select Settings from the top menu

Select the Contacts tab from the lower strip of tabs

Select the Export Contacts option and then click the Run button

Select Customer Units (Quality Check) from the Export Format dropdown and select OK

Confirm the Manufacturer (the default is HONDA) and select OK

Confirm the folder and file name as 2015_01_17_Acc_9999.csv (where 2015_01_17 is the date produced and 9999 is your Honda Account No

Select Save

Email the file to to Neil Hunter at support@mdfcubed.com


Note: The file should contain a record for every Honda you have in your system with details of the currently allocated contact and details such as the date last serviced, MOT'd or worked on.

To get the last serviced date correctly services should use a Job Template beginning with SER or a Last Service date set in Main Details

To get the last MOT date correctly MOTs should use a Job Template beginning with MOT or a Last Safety (MOT) date set in Main Details