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Proceures Overview

Proceures Overview

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Proceures Overview

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We include an initial common set of procedures. You can edit these and add new ones as needed.  The procedures are organised in Procedure Control.

Each staff member has access to the procedures allocated to them. They are automatically notified when a procedure has been changed and they can self certify with their estimated skill level when they have studied the new procedure.

Managers are notified when a user has self certified a procedure and the user can be reviewed to give them their official skill rating. It is also a great way to determine if and when any training would be beneficial.

Staff can build up their Skill level points by improving their rating on procedures or by learning new procedures. Procedures also have a skill level weighting so they can earn more skill level points on the more difficult or profitable procedures. This really helps to get staff to ‘buy into’ the system and expand their skills (and their Careers).

Any staff member can make comments and suggestions on how a procedure could be improved. Implemented suggestions can be tracked and rewarded.

It is easy to setup as your staff are already in the system. As the procedures are stored in the main Evopos database the system can be accessed from anywhere and is backed up as part of your standard backup.

There are also some advanced auditing options so you can maintain a quality company system to ISO9000 quality standards.