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How Procedures worked for us

How Procedures worked for us

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How Procedures worked for us

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Back in the early 2000's we at Evopos were looking at how we could improve the quality of our service and we engaged consultants to enable industry experts to give us an independent perspective. We were recommended to go for the ISO9000 Quality Business standard. Although not required by our customers, this popular standard is normally a pre-requirement when dealing with large, successful companies.

We looked into the ISO Quality standards, and although the concept seemed excellent, we were horrified at the amount of paperwork and administration work it required. So our first reaction was that the high cost of implementation would out-weigh the benefit? We are all about using systems to help dealers to be more profitable and adding to the paperwork really goes against the grain.

However we had seen some really good strategies in the ISO Quality standards, the core concept is to determine the best and most efficient way to do everything, document it in procedures and have a way to control access by the appropriate people. These procedures could really improve a business and also help employees advance easier and quicker.

So we set up a meeting with the approvers and asked if we could still go for the standard if we did it in a different way, for example automating most of the work and making it paperless. At first the approvers said no way, people needed access to these massive procedure manuals at all times and they have been doing it that way for years. But after we showed them what is possible using the latest technologies they relented and agreed to let us try.

The result was amazing, especially when we took on new members of staff. Everyone could see exactly how everything should be done. Management could evaluate how well people were working to the documented procedures. Staff had more control over their advancement.

Everything was defined in a procedure, from how to answer the phone to how to handle the sales process. Staff were happier because they knew exactly what they had to do, they could also see their ‘Skills Chart’ so they knew what they needed to learn to progress in the business. Even the approvers were impressed and we were very proud to be their first ever paperless ISO9000 approved business.

This experience has enabled us to provide a ‘Ready-to-go’ Procedure Control system for our users. And being built into our Evopos system it would link into the existing staff records and would always be ready to hand. This would give our clients all the advantages of a quality procedures system to the latest ISO9000 standards without a large investment of time and money.