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HQ Reporting

HQ Reporting

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HQ Reporting

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As HQ stores the data from all branches we have the ability to produce a wide range of reports.

You can analyse the combined performance or show for individual Branches.

You can also use Evopos Mobile and Evopos Cloud for creating or analysing data.

Evopos has a general 'Reports' section where you can see all reports, copy and pre-configure them.

Evopos also has ‘Quick Reports’ in many sections that allow you to produce common reports with the most common criteria

In the Accounts screen the common 'Quick Reports' used for multiple Divisions include:

Sales by Item

Sales by Operator

Sales Transactions

Create Export file


On many of these Quick Reports you have the option to select just one Division or all Divisions.

In HQ you can change to any of the Divisions by pressing Alt+F2.

You can set the 'Default' Division in Settings / Workstation / General

You  can set the 'Default' Store for a Division in Settings / Divisions

You can change the default Store for Reporting by selecting Items / Quick Reports / Change store.

In the main reports section you can normally add a criteria for a Division by setting the Division_ID or Branch_ID field.

You can use the in-built accounting system or export to 3rd party account program such as MYOB, Quickbooks and Sage.