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HQ Setting up

HQ Setting up

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HQ Setting up

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Implementing a new branch

At HQ - (Note: Must use Evopos Desktop for this)

Setup the HQ Store - There are two options here. Branches can either share the HQ store (Inventory), or we can have a separate Store (Inventory) for each Branch (these can have different items, stock quantities, order criteria etc). To create a separate Store select Settings / System / Stores and create a new store for the Branch. If you have an existing store that you would like to use as a base for the new store, Select New, give it an appropriate name eg: ‘Newcastle South’ and select 'Local Store - Copy', then specify the Store you want it based on. This method of creating is good as it will copy over all details including the same Picture IDs and set the stock Qtys to zero.  Make a note of the Store ID as we will need that later. If you are not basing it on an existing Store you can create the parts or Import parts. To Import parts select Items / Stock, select the newly created Store, select Maintenance, select Import and select a file to import. Note: You can create a file to Import by selecting Items / Stock and selecting another store to use as a base and then select Maintenance / Export and select Stock Files CSV format (You could then also make any changes to the file in a program such as Excel). You can also use Transfer to Transfer parts. Note: Categories and Brands should have the same IDs or the Sales Reports for the Branches in HQ may not display correctly.

Setup the HQ and Branch Divisions - Select Settings / Divisions and create a new Division for each Branch. In the ‘Full Name’ field enter the name of the Branch. Make sure you select the appropriate Default Store. Make a note of the Division ID for each Branch and this will need to be entered at the Branch in Integrations / HQ Update. Note: If exporting to MYOB this will need to be exactly the same as the card set in MYOB), also use the Tax No’ field for the Stock Location ID as set in MYOB.

Ensure Numbers will be Unique - You will need to ensure each Branch will use a series of numbers that will not be used at HQ or other Branches.  This applies to Customer Numbers, Invoice Numbers, Sales Payment Numbers and Sales Order Numbers. For example Branch 1 next number is set to 10000, branch 2 is set to 20000, branch 3 is set to 30000 and HQ is normally set to a much higher number eg: 500000 to allow for new branches.  You can set the Next Numbers in Settings / System / Next Numbers. Note: For Customer Numbers, if you have Loyalty cards you may want to use a different range of numbers again that will not be created elsewhere eg: 1000 to 1500 (-C1000 to -C1500 bar-code printed) and then edit the Customer Number to this when allocating a Card.  

Ensure all Operators are setup - Select Settings / Operators and make sure you have operators set in HQ for all staff who will work in every Branch. Note: Operators are global so their pass-codes must be unique. When running Update HQ any new Operators in HQ will be added to the Branch with the same ID, and operators at the Branch that are not in HQ will be deleted. This means any new Operators must always be added in HQ and will be available at all Branches.

Ensure any Commission Scheme records are correct - If operators have commissions they must be set with a Commission Scheme

At each Branch

Install Evopos Touch or Evopos Desktop - Our Evopos programs can be downloaded from our Evopos Portal or we can send to you upon request. See Installing and Updating. Note: You would install Evopos Desktop if you need local access to more features, but we are trying to include all options and settings needed for normal operation in Evopos Touch.

Ensure HQ Update settings are correct - In Evopos Touch select Options / Settings / HQ Settings and confirm settings. In Evopos Desktop select Settings / Integrations and ensure there is an Integration with a Format / Type of Evopos HQ. Ensure we have the correct HQ database connection details and the correct HQ Division ID and HQ Store ID. Also ensure other setting such as Printer settings, Company details etc are set. Note: The Instance has to be included in the SQL Server details eg: '\Evopos'.

Ensure Numbers will be Unique - See 'Ensure Numbers will be Unique' in the above HQ section for more details.

Run HQ Update Manually - On Evopos Touch select 'Options', then ‘Update HQ’. On Evopos Desktop select Settings / Integrations, select the appropriate Evopos HQ and select 'Update Data' on the left menu.

Automating the HQ Update - If you want to automate the HQ Update then you can either select

Note: See 'HQ Updating the Data' for details of what it does.