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Importing from IBCOS

Importing from IBCOS

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Importing from IBCOS

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First we will need the Export Files from IBCOS. The files we normally need are

CMF_FILE.CSV       Customer Master (Contacts)

SMF_FILE.CSV        Supplier Master (Contacts)      

PMF_FILE.CSV        Parts Master (Price Book)

PDF_FILE.CSV         Parts Depot (Stock Items)

IHH_FILE.CSV         Sales Invoices - Header (Sales)

IHL_FILE.CSV          Sales Invoices - Lines (Sales)

To do yourself, arrange the columns in both files as specified in General, Importing Data, Contacts. Or send to Evopos Customer Services who have Utilities for getting the Import file into the correct format.


If doing yourself, open each file and Replace double (") and single (') quotes with Blank . Also replace commas (,) with semi-colons (;). Use the Excel 'Replace' function for this.



Customers and Suppliers go into the same Contacts table. We would normally specify different Contact Categories set so you can filter or list specific categories of Contacts.

Customer File

If you want the Surname first in Evopos (easier to search), it is normally easier to send the file to Evopos to convert as we have a utility that reverses the name and separates with a comma so it can be reversed back when printing.

Supplier File

To ensure the customer numbers are different to Customers we need to put a 'S' prefix in front of the Customer No



We initially need to use the Part numbers with the 2 digit prefix as a lot of the base numbers are the same under different prefixes.

Ultimately, we find Evopos works best using the actual part number (Updating from price book etc). We can still keep the number with the prefix as an Alternative Part Number (although harder to do a partial search), and we can always search by Description or drill down by Group / Category.

Some of the disadvantages of using prefixes include:

Not being able to update from a price book (un-less the price book has a Barcode No that matches)

The units would not match with our standard ‘.N<Model> format

Users would have to know each prefix to do a partial search on the number

If users searched for a number and it is not found they will have to re-enter the number without the prefix to find it in the Price Books

Stock file - PDF_FILE.CSV

PartNo - E(2)

BinLocation - H(8)

StockQty - X(24)

MinimumQty - U(21)

Category - C(3)

Price Book - PMF_FILE.CSV

We should also create a Price Book from the Master Stock file (PMF_FILE.CSV) as

It is useful to have a complete list

We need to update the stock file with the Description, Prices and Bar-code Number.

PartNo - E(2)

Description - F(6)

Retail - L(12)

Cost - M(13)

TaxCode - O(15)

Barcode - R(18)

When we have imported both the Stock file and the Price Book, select Items, Price Books, select the Old Stock price book and select 'Update Stock from Price Book' and ensure 'Retail, 'Cost' and 'Bar-code No' are ticked.



Importing Units is currently a bit of a problem as Evopos uses set fields for Make and Model, and IBCOS stores this information generally in the Description. The units are in the Stock file but are not linked to a unit or set as a type: New Unit.


Sales History and Debtors

Sales are in Header and Lines files.

A Debtors list can normally be created with only the Customer (Account) Number and the Amount owing to hand. Add the columns as requited by the import template (eg: Date = end of last month  (30-Jun-2015), Number, Payment Method ID = 0, Description='Balance carried forward')

We can Import in Accounts / Maintenance / Import (CSV)

Make sure you have already imported Customers so it can match with the Customer No

Import in the following order

Sales Headers

Sales Lines

Current Debtors


Total List of Files

Customer Details (Sales Ledger)

CMF_FILE.CSV          Customer Master

CTF_FILE.CSV           Customer Transaction History

CTH _FILE.CSV         Customer Transaction Live

Supplier Details (Purchase Ledger)

SMF_FILE.CSV                Supplier Master        

STF_FILE.CSV                 Supplier Transaction Live

STH_FILE.CSV                 Supplier Transaction History

Machine Stock

HPD_FILE.CSV          Serial/Batch Parts Details

HID_FILE.CSV          Serial/Batch Part Invoice

Parts Stock

PMF_FILE.CSV          Parts Master

PDF_FILE.CSV          Parts Depot

Machine Sales History

IH*_FILE.CSV Contains all Sales history info.

Invoice History

IHH_FILE.CSV           Invoice History Header

IHL_FILE.CSV           Invoice History Lines

ILA_FILE.CSV           Labour History/Live

IDA_FILE.CSV          Delivery Address

Purchase Orders

POH_FILE.CSV          Purchase Header

POL_FILE.CSV           Purchase Lines

POS Work in Progress

PIH_FILE.CSV                     Header

PIL_FILE.CSV                      Lines

Workshop Work in Progress

IVH_FILE.CSV           Header

IVL_FILE.CSV                      Line