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Importing Purchases

Importing Purchases

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Importing Purchases

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Import lines need at least have a SupCustNo and Incl,


If the Payment Nominal is Blank it will leave as Not Paid. If it starts with 01-08 it will set it to that Balance Account (if Found), or anything else will set it to 01-08-01


If the Trans Nominal is found it will use that, else will use Default Nominal for Contact record, if that not set will use Blank will set as 05-01-01 (Stock Purchases General)


If a Date is blank it will set it as the current date


If importing Creditors you would normally set the date to the day before the Period start date and put 'Carried Forward' in the InvNo



File format (Column Order)


  0 A      1 B         2 C       3 D        4 E         5 F         6 G        7 H         8 i     9 J   10 K  11 L 

 SupCustNo|SupName   |InvDate    |InvNo|PaymentNominal|PaymentRef|PaidDueDate|TransNominal|TransRef|Incl  |Tax  |WH 

 123456   |          |22-Jan-2015|45689|              |          |22-Jan-2015|05-01-01    |Workshop|220.00|20.00|0.00   (Owing)      

 123456   |ABC Motors|22-Jan-2015|45689|01-08-03      |CHQ:8834  |22-Jan-2015|05-01-01    |        |220.00|20.00|0.00   (Paid)