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Importing Price Books

Importing Price Books

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Importing Price Books

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Price Book files can be downloaded from the Evopos Portal. Alternatively you can contact Customer Services and they can email a link to you to download the file.


Download the Price Book file

To download a Price Book from the Portal:

Go to the Portal at http://evopos.com

Log in if not already logged in (Register if you have not Logged in previously. Contact Customer Services if you have forgotten your existing Login details)

Select the Portal option from the top menu and then select the Download tab

If the price files are not shown please contact customer services so that the option can be added (There is normally a nominal charge per month to cover all price books)

Select the price book you require and select Download. You may be given the option to Save or Run. Select Save and it will normally save into the virtual \Downloads folder (Library).

We recommend copying the file into the C:\Evopos\PriceBooks folder (Right click the file in Downloads and select Copy, and then right click a blank area in C:\Evopos\PriceBooks and select Paste) 


Import a Price Book into Evopos

Select Items from the top menu

Select Price Books from the left menu, and select the appropriate Price Book. Note: If the Price Book is not listed, go into Settings, then Stores and create an appropriate Price Book record for that supplier

Select Maintenance from the left menu, and select Import - CSV / Excel

The 'Delete all existing records' option deletes the old records to prevent them doubling up. You would normally keep it ticked unless you importing multiple files into the same price book in which case you would delete the old records on the first file and then un-tick for the following files.

The 'Multiply By' and 'Range' columns enable you to set additional mark-ups to the Retail price for different price ranges.  For example you could put a higher margin on lower value items and lower margins on higher value. If you want to keep the original retail then ensure each 'Multiply By' value is set to 1. Note: Evopos will save these settings for the next import of this Price Book.

The 'Update Categories' option allows you to update or ignore any Categories supplied in the Price Book. For example you would leave un-ticked if they did not fit in with your categories you have set in Evopos. If there are no Categories set in the Price Book Evopos will use the Default Category set on the Price Book (In Settings / System / Stores). If tick this option it will look for the Category in the Evopos Categories Name field (or Code if option below selected), if found it will assign the Category ID to that price book item, if not found it will create the category and assign the new ID.

The 'Use Category Code rather than Category Name' option (together with the option above) will look for the Category supplied in the Price Book in the Code field of the Category table and assign the item the Category code. If the code is not found in the category code field a new category will be created and assigned to the price book item.

Select the File you want to Import (Click the magnifying glass to Browse for the file)

When finished selecting the above options select Ok from the left menu

When the Import has complete you can check the Price Book for the correct record and prices. Note If you have used an additional markup the original Retail is normally stores in the User Defined Price 3 field. We normally add a record to each Price Book with a part number starting 'ZZZ' where we detail price Book information such as the Supplier, Update date and Number of records there should be.


Updating your Stock Item prices from the Price Book

When you are sure the prices in the Price Book are as you want then, you could then select the option to: Updating Stock from Price Books.

This can update several fields but the most common option is just to update the Retail price.

Note: If you have items in your stock file that you do not want to update you can set a code on those items to ‘SETPRICE’. There is also an option to only update prices if the new price is higher. See Items / Price Books / Updating Stock from Price Books  in Help for more information