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Importing from Quickbooks

Importing from Quickbooks

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Importing from Quickbooks

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Evopos Customer Services can help you with the conversion or convert the file to the correct format spreadsheet for you.

Export form Quickbooks

Open Quickbooks and Login in single user mode

Select File, Utilities, Export, To File

If you want to Edit the data first it is better to use the CSV File Type as you can add / confirm details in Excel before you import it into Evopos.

IIF File Types

On the selection screen tick: Customers, Suppliers and Stock together in the one file.

Select Export to .IIF file, type in a filename of: Export.IIF and click OK

Then start Data-Admin and select Import. Change the Import format to Quick Books IIF files and make sure the files are named as expected and in the right folder and detailed on the screen.

CSV File Types

Select CSV file type

You should create a separate file for each area eg: Customers, Suppliers and Stock

Then arrange the columns in the appropriate order (please see appropriate sections on importing).


Import into Evopos

Please see appropriate sections on importing