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Installing Data Admin

Installing Data Admin

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Installing Data Admin

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Data Admin is an optional utility for converting data etc.  It can also be used to initially help set up the SQL database and perform database maintenance tasks such as restoring data or converting data from other applications.

It can only be installed on the server (the computer which is running the main SQL Server database).

Download from the Portal into the shared folder (see Installing Evopos)

Run the setup program

Confirm the License agreement and accept the defaults eg: location etc.

When the installation is complete start 'Data Admin' (a shortcut should have been created on your desktop or start menu)

Confirm the data connection settings and enter your passcode (Default: bbs1955) See sections below if you have a problem

If Data Admin cannot find a version of SQL running a database instance called 'BBS' it will extract and install SQL2005 Express and then automatically install SQL Express Setup.

If the SQL setup runs correctly you should get the 'Create Database' screen and you can create the database by restoring a backup file (containing template data or a previous backup). When complete the program should close.

When starting Data Admin (after the first time when a database is created) it should take you to a summary screen with options such as Backup, Restore, Convert etc.

Note: You cannot convert Business Manager on a computer with a 64 bit operating system (As it cannot connect to DBF files)

If installing on a 64Bit version of Windows you will also need to run SQLServer2005_XMO_x64.msi which should be in the Utilities64 folder of the CD (or BBSCD folder).