Evopos Help - 2.09.068

Installing and Updating Evopos

Installing and Updating Evopos

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Installing and Updating Evopos

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The minimum specification to run Evopos is:

Will run on just about any processor (Dual Core, or i3 or greater recommended)

Windows XP SP3 or later - Not Windows RT (Windows 7 or 10 recommended)

1GB Ram or greater (4GB+ recommended)

20GB free Hard disk space (80GB on server recommended)

To install please follow the instructions in: General / New Installation of Evopos. If you have any issues, please see: General / Evopos Troubleshooting which provides solutions to all know installation issues.

When installed, please see: General / Getting Started and the rest of the Help.

We try to make the installation as simple as possible, however Evopos is a comprehensive system and includes many dependent programs such as SQL Server and Crystal Reports. So sometimes, different security settings on certain versions of Windows can cause issues.

NOTE: We offer a Free Installation service so please contact our Customer Services team if you would like us to install remotely for you or if you require any assistance or advice.