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Instant Expert

Instant Expert

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Instant Expert

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The concept of Evopos Instant Expert is quite simply to turn users into an ‘Instant Experts’ in that field. Evopos Instant Expert is an easy to use application that gives you instant access to: Model information, Model history, Identification data, Technical data, Application data and more.

Obviously some of this information can already be accessed from varying different sources such as manufactures, application books and subscriptions, but Evopos Instant Expert brings it all together in an intuitive way that is easy to view, quick to access and of course FREE of charge.

One of the unique aspects of Instant Expert is how it is arranged into model families. This gives several advantages. First you can see the whole history of that model and how to tell the different model variances apart. Secondly, although a particular model may have a large number of variances, a lot of information is common to all or a large number of them, with this system you can instantly see which items you do not need more specific model information on. And if you do need the exact variation the model identification and VIN search is a brilliant way to find it. This also enables you to produce much more concise application lists.

The Trade version of Instant Expert is included with our Evopos Dealer Management System. There is also a Retail on-line version of Instant Expert which is accessible FREE to the general public

Instant Expert is ‘community’ driven which means that the whole community of users help to contribute new information and verify data. This ensures the already massive source of data is kept up to date and accurate.

Users earn points by adding or confirming data. They can use their points to gain access to the more advanced features such as publishing details of their Models, or Parts for that each model, that they have in stock. It is a great way to increase sales and clear redundant stock.

We also like to work closely with manufactures and suppliers to ensure all the relevant information and items are associated with the correct models.

With the trade version of Evopos Instant Expert, as you look up data in it automatically shows you if you have it in stock (even if just one of your Alternate Numbers match up with Instant Expert’s Alternate Numbers). You can then just sell it with a click.