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General e-commerce link guide

General e-commerce link guide

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General e-commerce link guide

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The Evopos Web-Link module is designed to link to and update multiple web sites.

We have already built integrations to some popular sites such as NOP Commerce, Candy Press, Magento, Big Commerce and our own Evopos Portal.

Evopos also has a variety of Export and Import options using CSV or XML files. These can be used for creating / updating products to the site, and for processing files for new orders from the site.

Evopos can also create custom integrations for other web sites. See Custom Development

There are normally two main elements of the linking:

1.Updating the web site stock from Evopos

2.Receiving the orders back from the web site into Evopos


The normal integration process

Evopos can run an update on an automated schedule (every 15 minutes, every hour, every day etc.), or an update can be run manually on demand.

This will do the following:

Get the date of the last update

Find any products with the WebSite ticked that have changed in Evopos since the last update. These will be uploaded to the site. If the product already exists it will update it, if it does not exist it will create a new one.

Any associated, categories, brands, pictures etc will also be updated

Any orders that have been created in the web site since the last update are then downloaded and imported (normally as sales orders) into Evopos

Re-Set the Last update date