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Invoicing Hires

Invoicing Hires

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Invoicing Hires

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To Invoice a Hire select Sales from the top Menu. You can then either:

Select Recall from the left menu, ensure Hires is selected on the top (You can select the default in Settings / Workstations / Default Sales Recall option) and then select the appropriate Hire

Enter -H (Minus H) in the lookup number field. A window will appear which lists all the outstanding Hire contracts that have not been invoiced in the last 6 days. Select the one you want to invoice and click OK.

Enter -H999 in the lookup number field where 999 is the Contract Number.

This should enter the Hire details on the Transaction with the appropriate information.

You then finish the transaction as normal.


If there were any Extras the Extras description should be included and the Extras price included in the Total

If the Hire Type is set to Subscription the description should be 'Subscription - Contract No: 999' otherwise it  should be 'Hire - Contract No: 999'

When you Invoice a Hire it will normally automatically prompt mark the Hire Contract status to 'COMPLETE' just before printing the Invoice

If it is a Long Contact (eg rate: EVERY WEEK or EVERY MONTH) it will only prompt to mark 'COMPLETE' when reaching the end of the Contract Term