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The Items section is where you perform stock control tasks, view your unit details, create price levels for customers, organise your stock categories, perform purchase orders and transfer items between stores.

Items Overview Screen

The Items summary screen gives an overview of key information, what is happening and what needs doing in regard to this section. What is displayed here can be controlled by security so some operators may not see certain options.

Sales Targets - One popular feature on the summary screen is a Chart that shows the monthly target and how well we are meeting it. Each operator can be configures to show which departments are show. The pro-rata figure lets you clearly see how well you are meeting the target at any stage of the month (When you are meeting target the emotion face is happy, when you are behind target it is sad).

Other key information include:

Sales Orders - Normally we like to process all sales orders as quickly as possible

Customer Order lines - That need to be ordered

Stock items - That need ordering


On the left menu we can have options for:

Stock - Items we normally keep in stock

Units - Items where we track individual Units

Price Books - Details of items from various suppliers

Categories - How items are categorised

Price Levels - Different pricing for different customers

Actions - Actions we want to happen when selling items (Kits, Similar items, Prompts etc)

Orders - Create, receive and maintain Purchase Orders

Transfers - Transfer stock between stores